About Us

Our Service

Migratory species travel around the world each year in the air, over land, and in the seas. We aimed to show how the environmental conditions in the species’ habitats affected their routes of travel. By having an immersive experience using your smartphone camera, we help people see how the landscape, the land cover, and the environment along the species’ migration corridor have changed over time. We hope that our users, especially those living on or near these gaps along the migration route, can take action to help support habitat preservation for the species’ populations.

Our Story

We are team of multidisciplinary enthusiasts. We love to utilize data to help bridge new insights and use it as a way to help our environment. The Wildlife Go platform was inspired by the popular mobile game, Pokemon Go. We wanted to harness how the game brought people outside in a way to raise awareness for the environment they walked through, to catch that next pokemon. By having you get out of your seat to go learn about the fauna, we see this a potentially great learning tool for students and enthusiasts alike to see how climate change has impacted us.