Learn about nature through a new set of eyes

Discover how fauna came to inhabit where you stand.
All with the help of your smartphone.

Learn and play by snapping photos of local wildlife.

Simply take a picture using your smartphone picture, and let Wildlife Go identify the fauna.

Learn about your fellow inhabitants

Once identified, learn about your critter and where they came from.

Track origins and make insights

Learn how the species migrate, and how different environmental conditions got them to where they are today.

Data is crowdsourced for analytics of population densities and potential species migrations.

Trace Migratory Travels

Discover how the Wildlife Go platform can help you make visualize
migratory pathways and how climate change is affecting it.

  • Migration

    Using Google Maps, see quantified migration paths and see how it has changed over time.

  • Open Data

    Help scientists and conservationists utilize your data to draw better insights on how to tackle anamolies in habitation and migration.

  • Fauna Tracker

    Learn about the different animals that roam in your area.

  • Document your findings!

    Easily track and manage your sightings in your own personal compedium.

Ready to quantify nature?

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